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Loves2learn's version:
Thank you, Prayerful Living Singles! What a beautiful relationship came from our meeting on your website. We got to know each other remotely over thousands of miles, met in person and fell in love. Six months later, we were married in a beautiful outdoor setting, surrounded by close family.

Now, a year and a half later, we are so happy together. Having someone else who shares our Christian values and treasures spiritual growth has been such a blessing. We are so grateful for this website!

Barrywills747's version:
Wonderful friends, dating couples and yes marriages too come about as a result of your website. I unexpectedly lost my dear first wife after 39 plus years and it did take a number of years before I felt ready to explore friendships with ladies my age.

Living in Massachusetts how else would I find a new female friend in California? Via the websites email system I started corresponding with Kathy. Then we chatted via FaceTime and zoom. Soon we were having Friday night date nights watching movies together, sharing meals (allowing for the three hour time difference) and many hours of conversation. Kathy developed a rule, if I yawned three times, she figured we needed to call it a night.

Eventually I flew out to see her in person. Although we had developed an emotional bond and knew each other fairly well, meeting in person and being able to see each other without a flat screen took a little getting used to.

We are so grateful for your website as six months after meeting we married near Kathy's home in California with our immediate family present.

Having our relationship blossom during COVID was a bit of challenge but certainly very doable. Thank you again for your website which brings new friends and couples together.

From one of our past member couple: "We were married on October 24th. Our fantastic relationship and marriage wouldn't have happened without Christian Science Many thanks. It worked for us!!"

From another past member couple: We were married on Monday at 1pm by the justice of the piece. I did not think that anything would come from my listing, but it took just one to bring about a most happy marriage. Thank you ever so much your listing is a great idea and providing a wonderful service.

From a member: Through your [Christian Science Singles] service, I have found two matches over the last two years, both of which led to some fun times together.

" husband and I were married in October thanks to meeting via Christian Science Singles in mid December....One night shortly before Christmas, I felt led to glance at the web site one last time. I found my now husband's brand new bio and I briefly contacted him via the website's private webmail. We met in person for the first time in February . The rest is now history! Our marriage has been a wonderful blessing for both of us! Since he is from California and I am from Texas we feel we probably would not have met were it not for Christian Science Singles. Thank you for bringing us together!"

Congratulations to members "richtay" (Michigan) and "dixie" (Alabama).

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